What is Holy Thursday || Maundy Thursday

Holy week is the preparation for Easter we’re taking the wheat to do it and release pausing at different points in the week to reflect on different places and periods of time in in the last week of Jesus’s life. We at Monte thurs remember this time the Jesus spent with his disciples in the upper room and offered them bread and wine his body and blood monday is a strange where we don’t use it for it for anything in our time it comes from the Latin montante which is talking about this washing of feet in our liturgy. You know this enters in at some churches in a symbolic way some people choose one or two people’s feet to wash or a whole congregation may wash feet.

what is holy thursday

I think using an ancient word points us to the fact that this is a long-standing practice in the church and then I also love the fact that Jesus says you don’t understand what I’m doing and so that kind of gives me away in like I don’t have to understand this thing to participate but I’m just supposed to experience it and be in this movie I think the liturgy is a way we enter into the realm between here in heaven I mean we we are telling a story the story of Jesus his betrayal his death and resurrection waiting for us coming again and we’re reminding each other that we are waiting together and for me liturgy is a way to enter into the the time that has passed and the time that will come.


What does maundy mean?

maundy. Noun

1. (obsolete) ; A commandment.

2. (obsolete) ; The sacrament of the Lord’s supper.

3. The ceremony of washing the feet of poor persons or inferiors, performed as a religious rite on Maundy Thursday in commemoration of Christ’s washing the disciples’ feet at the Last Supper.

4. The office appointed to be read during the religious ceremony of foot-washing.


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