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This Christian holiday commemorates the execution of Jesus Christ welcome to thefocusinfo.com and today we’ll be learning more about what is good Friday, History Of Good Friday, Good Friday Meaning and Why is it called Good Friday.

What is Good Friday

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Good Friday is one of the principal celebrations of Catholicism. It’s the day Catholics remember the death of Jesus on the cross Good friday and Holy Saturday are the only days when no mass is celebrated as a way to mourn the death of Jesus even though there is no celebration of mass there is a veneration of the cross and the passion of christ is remembered in this worship.

The crucifix is unveiled in three stages since there is no consecration in the celebration communion is distributed with consecrated hosts during the mass of Holy Thursday during this day’s liturgy Catholics pray especially for the church the Pope and priests as well as those who profess to other religions it’s also customary to pray the via crucis on this day which literally means the way of the cross it follows the 14 different scenes that Jesus passed through until his death.

Good Friday Meaning

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter in this today that the Catholic Church recognizes as the day that Jesus was crucified on the cross is observed as a day of fasting and penance and masses are also held during the day now during these masses some are all the following are taking place the veneration of the Cross the communion using the bread and wine from Holy Thursday the reading of the Gospels from Saint John and the meditation and prayer of the Stations of the Cross now while the day is marked by style events we still use the word celebration because it prepares us for the resurrection of Jesus that is to come.

Why is it called Good Friday

why do we call it Good Friday it’s not a good day Jesus dies it’s crucified so what is all this Good Friday stuff about well likely it all begins with sancto which is Latin for sacred or holy and then we morf totally into good because that’s how we talk you know boy he’s a good person the idea is that that’s a person living out you know with Holy vibes in their bones so there’s the good thing and frankly a lot of Christians are cool with calmness a good day Good Friday because it remembers a very tragic but good thing which was and whether you’re a cushion rot you probably heard this before Jesus died to take away the sins of the world and I’m going to be transparent with you I really struggle with this perspective. It’s one rooted at least made popular by Anselm a little after a thousand you can google them and basically the idea is to say that humanity has sinned. We need to be punished God doesn’t punish us instead he punishes Jesus for our sake so that we might get right with God and this means God is kind of I mean really violent really mean and I just can’t handle that from my perspective so there’s lots of different views on this that one’s called the substitution airy tone meant theory there’s other theories as well.

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I just want to share one other with you that I connect with which is the idea that Jesus came into the world to share God’s vision one that is rooted in love and justice especially for the marginalized and that that vision was going to be shared by Jesus no matter what even if it meant death and that when Jesus met the norms of civilization when Jesus met the systems of dominance of his day they said whoa no way man is way too profound for us you know we’re going to kill this off we’re going to kill you execute Jesus get rid of this vision and if you think about a lot of the heroes that we remember throughout life that have been change agents in the world many of them were killed for helping to implant a vision of change into the world a good example this would be Dietrich Bonhoeffer who was also an author and he wrote on this and the idea is that you live out loud what you believe is just and right and you do it even if there’s a cost to come and he called this in his context costly discipleship and he was someone who was trying to follow what it meant to be a Christian in his context in Germany in World War two so today you know I invite you to think about in the face of death and violence what the vision that you believe is to be shared with the norms that we encounter today the systems of dominance today and how we can engage those in a way that can bring change I’m not necessarily advocating that we try to live them out so much that we might have those systems hurt us but i would say that we should be willing to agitate and that there’s a cost that comes with agitating so something to ponder and I wish you all well this day peace be with you.

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History Of Good Friday

Good Friday is a religious holiday observed annually by Christians to remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ it’s actual date varies from year to year as it is based on when Jewish Passover takes place as the date of Passover is dependent on the Jewish lunisolar calendar.

Good Friday falls between March 20th and April 23rd each year Easter which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection following his crucifixion always falls on the Sunday two days later as written in the New Testament of the Bible Jesus’s Last Supper was a Passover meal which he shared with his apostles this is when the washing of the feet took place and when Jesus first presented the Christian Rite of the Eucharist which is now practiced as the holy communion Christians celebrate this day as Maundy or holy Thursday it is believed that Jesus was betrayed by his disciple Judas shortly after the Last Supper because of this he was arrested by temple guards in the Garden of Gethsemane and crucified by Pontius Pilate over accusations that he claimed to be the son of God though Christians now believe Jesus is the Son of God and their Messiah the high priests and people of his time believed this was blasphemy that deserved a death sentence.

Scholars have estimated that the crucifixion took place on a Friday in the year 33 AD and Jesus remained on the cross from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. the whole of his sentencing and suffering is known as The Passion of Christ Good Friday is part of the three days in the Easter Triduum which is a liturgical period that incorporates holy Saturday and Easter Sunday it is of particular importance in the Roman Catholic tradition when it comes to food Catholics will only consume one big meal and two small meals while refraining from meat they also may perform prayers or acts of reparation devotions to the station of the cross in the name of the passion and tend prayer services on the other hand a complete fast during all of this holy and great Friday is observed in the eastern or Byzantine tradition meanwhile a three-hour service commemorating the passion may be held in Anglican Lutheran and Eastern Orthodox churches many countries with a Christian background have made Good Friday a public holiday with several highly Catholic countries holding good friday procession z’ devotees sometimes travel to rome to share in the pope’s prayers the day after Good Friday is the last day of Holy Week Holy Saturday it marks the end of Lent which is a time for fasting self-denial and the repentance of sins it also symbolizes the period between Jesus’s death when Joseph of Arimathea wrapped his body and laid it to rest in a tomb and his resurrection it was only the next day on Easter Sunday that female visitors discovered his empty tomb and that he had risen from the dead.

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