Good Friday Appeal

The Good Friday Appeal is an annual fundraising activity on behalf of the Royal Children’s Hospital, in Melbourne, Australia. The event occurs on Good Friday every year. In 2017, the appeal raised $17.6 million, which was a record high figure. It has provided more than $292 million to the hospital since the appeal began in 1931. Individuals and businesses, clubs, schools and country towns throughout the state conduct activities to raise money for the Hospital. The Appeal is a non-political, non-denominational organisation that exists solely to financially support The Royal Children’s Hospital.

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Now here are some journeys those people who got benefit from this fundraising activities. Stories collect from Good Friday Appeal YouTube channel.

There are some people who seek out extreme challenges. They willingly themselves to the limits of human endurance. Other face similar taste of courage but don’t have a choice.

Brooke’s Journey (Good Friday Appeal )

look without swimming playing baseball playing tennis pretty much leaving quite a normal life up until the age of nine. Initially we were told it was a very very mild cerebral palsy than some good early interventionists and good therapy that you know wasn’t going to be too bad and that was when we ask to be referred to Andrew. Brooke has a condition which is best termed as dystonia dystonia is virtually the worst form of cramp you could imagine it doesn’t matter what you do you can’t release these cramps and its entire bodies it’s as though she ran five marathons in a row and writhing in pain she’s got a look of pain on her face and because I think we can do for her.


good friday appeal

good friday appeal

she woke up one morning and I noticed her shoulder had dropped from that point on it was a continual struggle she was having much more trouble walking we tried medications and a variety of different medicines many of the drugs she was put on the side effects were so great they outweigh any benefit that we were going to get were frequent visitors to emergency because you’d start to lock into really uncomfortable positions painful positions to be exhausted that you could get no relief.

good friday appeal

she looked at me she said I’m broken. It was new and it wasn’t really done on children. I can remember the first time she woke up and her DBS is at the called was turned on and she’s watching her feet and she could actually straighten them up the look on her face to actually be able to straighten her feet up was amazing. Brooke has gone from being totally dependent not walking to doing things that she hasn’t done for six years the best thing is that I am learning to walk again and I want to do that so that I can take my dog for a walk you I get to go to school all the time and go out he now she’s still learning to do different things but have felt so last week she actually learn to tie your shoelaces whatever the future holds for I just wanted her to be happy and could be the best you can be nothing more.

good friday appeal       good friday appeal

good friday appeal good friday appeal


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