Good Friday Appeal – Sam Lawson Journey

Sam Lawson also got  benefit from this fundraising activities here are his story. We got this form Good Friday Appeal YouTube channel.

Good Friday Appeal – Sam Lawson Journey

good friday appeal


I was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus spina bifida is curvature in the spine and hydrocephalus is fluid on the brain in just the last about five years. I’ve been in hospital for at least 100 surgeries plus countless outpatients appointments brain surgery I’ve had bowel and bladder surgery I’ve had spinal surgery knee surgery foot surgery hip surgery basically everywhere on my body more than I can count there are days when my condition drives me insane.

I feel like I am separated from the rest of the world i don’t feel normal I wish it would all go away I wish would end completely and there are other days where I feel as normal as the rest of the world and don’t see any difference to anyone else and completely look past my disability outwardly and inwardly there’s no questions there’s no fear there’s no worry about what may go wrong everyone’s got a plan everyone’s confident and that keeps me confident because it gives me hope to know that there are people who may not have anything to do with my surgery or mo recovery but that see me and go yet he’s cool I want to know how he’s going I want him to do well I want him to recover well it’s unbelievable the kindness you see in the hospital from complete strangers.


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