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In this Categories you can find all about Good friday. What is good friday, good friday images, good friday history, good friday massages and all related topics. Good Friday is one of the principal celebrations of Catholicism. It’s the day Catholics remember the death of Jesus on the cross Good friday and Holy Saturday are the only days when no mass is celebrated as a way to mourn the death of Jesus even though there is no celebration of mass there is a veneration of the cross and the passion of christ is remembered in this worship.

Best Good Friday Images || Pictures

good friday images

People celebrate Good Friday before Easter Sunday. All Christians celebrate good Friday with prayer, humility, and services. Good Friday is the religious and traditional celebration which is generally celebrated in the Church. If you are searching for good Friday images , Jesus good Friday images and much more to make this occasion even more religious. […]

Good Friday Appeal – Sam Lawson Journey

good friday appeal

Sam Lawson also got  benefit from this fundraising activities here are his story. We got this form Good Friday Appeal YouTube channel. Good Friday Appeal – Sam Lawson Journey   I was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus spina bifida is curvature in the spine and hydrocephalus is fluid on the brain in just the last […]

Good Friday Appeal

good friday appeal

The Good Friday Appeal is an annual fundraising activity on behalf of the Royal Children’s Hospital, in Melbourne, Australia. The event occurs on Good Friday every year. In 2017, the appeal raised $17.6 million, which was a record high figure. It has provided more than $292 million to the hospital since the appeal began in […]

Holy Week Explained

holy week

Holy Week Explained: Holy Week is the most intense seven-day period of the church calendar and includes liturgies that are offered only once a year. I really described Holy Week as a turning point in our church year and it kind of buoys us and prepares us for the next season. Holy Saturday is kind […]

Are banks open on Good Friday

Are banks open on Good Friday

Many peoples asking Are banks open on Good Friday? Is the post office open on good friday? Is Good Friday a Federal Holiday and other similar questions. To be clear, Good Friday is a Christian Holiday memorize the suffering of Jesus Christ, but it is not a federal holiday in the United States. Thus, most […]



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What is Holy Thursday || Maundy Thursday

holy thursday

Holy week is the preparation for Easter we’re taking the wheat to do it and release pausing at different points in the week to reflect on different places and periods of time in in the last week of Jesus’s life. We at Monte thurs remember this time the Jesus spent with his disciples in the […]